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a secret

2009-07-13 14:07:21 by shadowgirl20000

ok i have kept this a secret for a wihel only telling serten ppl i trust but ya any way...................................
................. IM A SHADOW FANGIRL OMG HE IS SO AWSOME he uses wepons like guns and evry think and he can use chaos control with out a chaos emrild i just think he is so cool i cant help but doing the fan girl scream

a secret


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2009-07-13 14:09:17

why does this remind me about the beatles

shadowgirl20000 responds:

um mabey they roght paint it black


2009-07-13 15:03:02

I can hear the sound of a thousand Sonic fans screaming.

shadowgirl20000 responds:

i know isent it graet


2009-07-14 04:24:53

......even i could tell u were a shadow fan girl besides its really not much of a secret

shadowgirl20000 responds:

but had to change my post it sucked


2009-07-14 10:22:11

This post is a lot amaller...phew!

shadowgirl20000 responds:

you forgot the s in amaller and dont say few cuz 1 part 2 comes out it will be long o and dont wory ill put up braces this time


2009-07-15 10:09:00

WRONG! In "amaller" replace the a and s. that will lead to success.


2009-07-15 11:56:53

i don't understand why everyone hates him
he gave me a muffin

shadowgirl20000 responds:

o lucky but he gave me a milk shake


2009-07-15 22:43:17

hell yeah


2009-07-16 11:58:48

Yay, you said this was a secret and you just released to the web. Smart one.

shadowgirl20000 responds:

ya cuz i wanted to smart 1


2009-07-16 12:17:24

Wat. O.O


2009-07-16 18:56:31

Fucking sonic fag, Oh wait im sorry: Shadow fan fag.

shadowgirl20000 responds:

well on estly if you must know i dont give a care about you opinyen i like being a sonic fag or a shadow fan fag its my life and you don't have to get involved in it so plz leave me alone and i will leave you alone ok im just trying to have some fun on the sight so dont trampel me ok


2009-07-16 22:03:44

@ your response to the condor, Learn to fucking spell, Im serious, My TEN YEAR OLD BROTHER makes less spelling mistakes than you.


2009-07-17 18:29:48


Why are you on Newgrounds? Go fuck up DeviantART. We don't want your fail.

shadowgirl20000 responds:

i heard better from a 3 year old


2009-07-18 19:51:18

"um mabey they roght paint it black" Actually the Rollings Stones wrote it. I never was really into Sonic, but Shadow is just awesome.

shadowgirl20000 responds:

o lol i get them mixed up and ya a sonic fan


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